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Art of Trading from Anywhere

About Course

Learn the Art of Trading from Anywhere, Anytime. Gain access to over 40 hours of content, consisting of 100% practical training videos. Our comprehensive program includes 120+ thorough lessons, catering to a range of learning levels from basic to advanced. Join our thriving community of over 20,000 strong traders, where you can connect, collaborate, and share insights. Whether you’re a beginner looking to enter the world of trading or an experienced trader seeking to enhance your skills, our program provides you with the knowledge and resources to succeed in the dynamic world of trading. Embrace the flexibility of learning at your own pace and unleash your potential as a successful trader.

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What Will You Learn?

  • 120+ Practical Training Videos
  • 40+ Hours of Content
  • Indicators + Price Action Strategies
  • 20+ Intraday Working Strategies
  • Live Strategies Backtesting
  • Trader Secrets, Mindset & Trader Psychology Training
  • Understand Vix & Global Market Sentiments
  • Vix & Option Premium Calculation Formula
  • Learning To Analyze Option Chain Like A Professional
  • PCR & Option Writing Analysis
  • Learn Everything About Open Interest Analysis
  • Trend Analysis Like Professional Traders
  • All Breakout & Breakdown Identify System
  • Top Down Strategy with Back Testing
  • Exclusive Tradingview Use
  • Stocks Trading Technique with Positional Strategy

Course Content

Chapter One

  • Share Market Intoduction
  • What is Share Market
  • Investing & Trading, Equity, Commodity, Index, Forex
  • Types of Investing & Trading
  • Basic Tech Terms
  • What is better buying or selling
  • How much to start trading
  • Keep Control keep faith
  • Money Management Profit – Loss %
  • Types of Loss & target
  • Globle Mkt. & Vix Movement
  • Weekdays analysis for option buying
  • How to prepare for intraday trading

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four